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Out from Blogspot

October 7, 2006

Well, I have been trying to become a professional blogger forĀ  quite sometime now. First I tried out with giving out my webmaster tips, but then lost interest after sometime..I then tried making it an automatically updated blog so that it will atleast keep some traffic going. But then Blogger blocked it for spam.

Then tried various otherĀ  blogs till I made one blog for recording interesting articles I find on the net. That has been happening for sometime.

Inspite of all this, I have never come out of Blogspot. The main reason I have now come to WordPress is because I know of my inability to stick to one particular topic, and WordPress gives you the option by default to categorize your blog posts. This, I think will help me in writing on anything and everything I like.

So, what I intend to write here as of now is about what I shall be doing over the coming months. I want to learn Photoshop; it is something I will post things as and when I learn something in Photoshop. Then I shall post regarding the various subjects I study at college here. All this over the various categories will, in my view, make a useful read. So keep checking back.